Real Estate

An exciting and high-powered industry, real estate also comes with complex compliance and regulation issues. We’re experts in this area and can support you on your road to success.

The challenges you face

Working in real estate means dealing with large sums of money on a regular basis. Mistakes can cost you (or your clients) a lot of money, and well-managed accounting can make all the difference. Estimated value of your stock is particular to your industry, which makes accurate asset evaluation essential for accounting purposes. With staff earning commission, sometimes a combination of salary and commission, payroll can be more difficult with fluctuating staff payments. These are just some of the accounting challenges in your industry.


We specialize in real estate accounting. We understand the many regulations and complex issues that the industry has. We can help advise you on how to structure your business in the most tax-efficient way and guide you on how to avoid unnecessary expenses. We can help you review your expenses to ensure you’re writing off as much as possible while adhering to IRS standards. We can advise you on the best cloud-based accounting software, which is invaluable when dealing with real estate specific transactions and payroll.


We are proud to partner with Loft47, a back office solution dedicated to assisting real estate brokerages in their fast-paced, high-complex profession. Loft47 is an application that provides a path to mobility, business support and streamlined workflow. It enables you to share data, transact and communicate with the multiple parties involved in a transaction, all in-app and in real time. You can manage transactions from anywhere, meaning you can close deals, pay agents and remain focused on the business of real estate. Loft47 is fully integrated with Xero, providing workflow automation and accounting requirements.